Monday, January 26, 2009

A little bit in love with you.....

About 7 months ago was when I first heard about Lykke Li.....I heard the song "Little bit" and immediately was sucked in by it's catchy catchy sound, and found myself singing it whenever I could! I at first because of the sound of the song and also by the sound of her name thought that Lykke Li must be an Asian singer songwriter....I felt pretty stupid after I had researched her a little more and found out that...Lykke was actually a 22 year old girl from Sweden....but anyway..... A few more months past and Lykke finally released her album titled "Youth Novels" it took me a few more months to actually get my hands on this album..... Now that I've had the opportunity to listen to Youth Novels about a million and a half time's I find myself in a strange and sort of confused state..... When I listen to Lykke Li I can't help but ask myself how is this any different then listening to the new Beyonce album??? I find Lykke Li to be very Poppy but at the same time intriguing as hell! Ive been thinking about this for the most part of a month or so....when I'm driving down the road and "Complaint Department" or even "I'm good I'm Gone"comes on I can't help but here a similarity to every other girl making everyday Pop music..... but with Lykke there's just something different that draws me in to her...maybe it's her dreamy put you in a trance like voice....or the fact that Bjorn Yttling (better known from Peter Bjorn and John) produced this album....I'm not really sure but there's just something I love about Lykke Li! Sure I could probably take this album down the street and hand it too the first 15 year old girl I see and say here listen to this album and she'd probably love it! But so what! I really have no answer why I Love Lykke Li so much.....but for the record when this girl crosses into the pop scene I think I'm still going to listen to her....I know it's amazing it really is.... But it's simply unexplainable! I give the Lykke Li Youth Novels album a 4 empty wallets out of 5!!! so deal with it!

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