Monday, January 5, 2009

Glasvegas- Glasvegas

Yes, this album was released forever ago and yes, I've already killed one of the singles, 'Geraldine', by listening to it over and over again. But the rest of the album deserved a listen when I found the stream. I had the chance to listen to Glasvegas in it's entirety the other night in Mike's car, however I demanded he play 'Geraldine' at least three times in a row.
So right off the bat, it's got a pretty strong track in 'Geraldine'. What is that song even about? Surely not about a social worker, right? That's just a little to literal. I don't care if it's about kitty litter, it's a damn good song. In fact, the first third of the album is damn good. Aside from the super cheeseball part where we have to listen to You Are My Sunshine in the thickest Scottish accent ever, the album is quite enjoyable until you get halfway through. 'Go Square Go' was strange. James Allan is really good with the drawn out notes and arena rock carry on. Unfortunately, he took a walk down punk rock road for this song and it sucks. Sucks.
The last high point of the album is 'Daddy's Gone', a song about absent fathers. After that, I can do without the rest of the album. Especially, 'Stabbed' which is just a creepy spoken word track that freaked me out a bit.
I think this album is worth the 4 or so good songs on it, as they are really good songs. I also think Glasvegas is, for me, made better by the thick-as-hell Scottish accent singer James Allan is working with. That is part of the draw for me...which makes me think the people in the UK must just really love the music.
Glasvegas - Glasvegas gets 3.5 empty wallets out of a possible 5 empty wallets from me.
Strong points: unique sound for 2008, two super strong singles ('Geraldine' and 'Daddy's Gone'), and awesome accent.
Weak points: they tried to get a little to wierd, they tried to get a little to punk rock.

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