Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cut Copy /// In Ghost Colors

I'll be honest with you when I first bought the In ghost colors album from Cut Copy I was slightly disappointed..... I absolutely fell in love with the song "lights and music" and really thought I would dig this indie electro band from the down under..... but sadly I found the album disposable.... and I pretty much threw it to the side and moved on to other music of interest. It wasn't that I didn't like the sound Cut Copy had introduced..... It's just that (and I think that my partner in crime Laura would agree) I found them sounding a little like New Order or even....sadly Duran Duran... So that pretty much did me in. Or did it?? For some reason, and maybe it's seeing there name on different web sites all the time or just seeing it when I right click on the computer I don't know...... But something made me keep grabbing the album over and over again and I found myself giving it time after time another listen....... And now I'm really fond of In ghost colors. I've learned something from this experience with Cut Copy and that's you can't judge a band on just one listen....sometimes even the mood can effect the way you look at a band or there have to really give the album a chance to grow. I've also learned that you can't immediately compare one band to another because that's taking away from the true intentions of the band. So overall I like this album alot!! so go my friends go!! Run to the lights of the city!!
So after all is said and done I give this album 3.9 empty wallets out of 5.

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